1. 10 from the Amstel Gold Race. This race may be relatively younger than all of the important Spring Classics, but it is a difficult race, and the racing is good. The parcours is over 250km, and winds about itself, climbing seemingly every hill in the Limburg area, on winding small country roads. There are 34 climbs in total, but usually the race is only decided on the final climb. The break seldom makes it, and riders are shaking with exhaustion at the finish. The start list in 2014 was impressive - with 3 current world champions, Rui Costa (Road), Tony Martin (TT), and Matej Mohoric (U23).


  2. Tifosi - among the words used to describe supporters or fans, I like the Italian one the most. The word, tifosi, derives from the word tifo, in English, typhus. Symptoms of contracting typhus include fever, delirium, and rashes. In some ways not that different from going crazy about a sport or team one loves. The tifosi of cycling add much colour and character to the sport. They are young and old. Come with flags or not. Often looking for the best vantage point they can find. Even police officers on duty cannot resist getting some memorabilia when they can. In between the transition from the Cobbled classics to the Ardennes classics, this is a toast to the fantastic supporters of the cobbled classics.


  3. From the roadside at Paris Roubaix.


  4. kateordie:



    hey, remember that photoset that got deleted?

    photo credit to rochelle ulloa

    Me and my flawless fiancé’s engagement photos.

    These friggin’ two.


  5. womenscycling:

    "Following the high speed start, riders have to fight the bike for a technically perfect first jump" - by britishcycling.org.uk

    Great gallery of photos of the GB team preparing for the BMX Supercross in Manchester, 18-19 April


  6. They are not called the “Hard Men” for nothing. Every rider suffers. Every rider has a story to tell. Their own heroic effort. A day in Hell.


  7. 10 from yesterday’s Scheldeprijs. With @marcelkittel, @millarmind, and Tyler Farrar.


  8. Some of @f_cancellara, @GregVanAvermaet, and @sepvanmarcke on the podium of #RVV. Finally got to see a happy Spartacus on the podium.


  9. Some post race pictures of the men’s at #RVV. Dirt covered faces. Eyes with a distant look. Though some could still give a wry smile.


  10. Some from the Womens’ Start during #RVV 2014.